lundi, mai 24, 2004

It's All About the Blog...

I usually don't bloghop, except for today, at this very moment, with eyes wide open at 3 in the morning. That is why you can only see a few names in my link list. Back to this blog thingy, sometimes I wonder about the main reason people blog. Okay, it's obviously about having or sharing your thoughts/point of view/emotion/whatever-you-want-to-put read by strangers. But as you bloghop and pry on others hit counters (I know some of you just can't help it.), you will be conscious about your own. Mine never reach 80 ever since I started to write. The average will be around the figure of 15-25 visitors per day. And believe me, I even used to have 2 visitors in 24 hours. One of them was me I think. Pathetic? Sort of.

I do want the stat to change and have more people to read my blog but I am no good writer and I don't have the way with words. Sure there is a way to boost my readers graph: Bloghop and tag. The one with 'Hi, interesting blog.' (please don't say that to mine if you don't mean it...), leave my URL so that the rest of the taggers will know about my place, and get the hell out of there without reading the entries and proceed with other available links. It works no doubt that some will find your blog interesting (tak-tipu-punya-pujian) and you will establish new regular visitors (Brownie points for that) But in a way, don't you think it's do I put it... oh, forget about that point!

So, here I include some other blog trends (statistic enhancer) that I come to realize (I am a big time liar if I tell you that I never do such stuff):

1. "Hi, nice blog. Please visit mine at "". Have a nice day!"

This is what I call a moron. I will never do this! People who do don't usually read the whole page, or even a single entry. This person only goes to your blog to drop her link, with the hope that you will go to hers. Another hit counter booster tactic. I admit that I fall for this trick. My curiosity will kill me if I don't. I only get it occasionally though. To those who are smarter, they will tag or comment with similar line but with the invisible URL (Read: letak dkat URL box). More acceptable than the previous one! Ergh!

2. "Hi, I put you in my link. Do link me up too: "

The Linkers. I swear to God that I will never do this! You will probably see remarkable amount of links this person has in her blog, resulting from the 'I linked u up, u link me up too' requests. Don't EVER expect me to add you in my blog-watch that easy. I am a very mean person. If you're not up to my standard, don't sit there and wait for miracle to happen. Sometimes I wonder if she actually read all the blogs or at least most of them. As for me, the links I put are those of which I frequently read (perhatian: ade jugak 2 3 off-the-list blogs yg akuk slalu lawat...). Yeap, you guys are the chosen ones. Be very proud of it!

Only two that I can think of now. It's 5 am! Took me an hour to complete this entry! = Blog-inspections + trying to get your brain think and focus. Need to sleep (I am yawning now). Monday = the start for another torturing lab sessions. Tolong laa...

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