dimanche, mai 23, 2004

I Want Mercedes Not Yoanna!!!

I can't sleep! I was in front of the tv since 8.30 pm, watching Majalah 3 as somebody was going to make an 'appearance'. *wink* Thank God the first segment was interesting. And switched the channel to the America's Next Top Model. Not a follower but I'm glad Mercedes made it to the final two. She lost it to Yoanna! Oh well, she has an additional advantage- knowledge about the fashion industry. But still... So the next one: Queer Eye for The Straight Guy. This time the Fab 5 transformed this stingy guy. Nothing much you can change when it comes to the attitude. Hermph! So, I eventually had all my Saturday doses but why was I still awake? Even after being on the phone for an hour! Hermph!

Read the link given by a friend (check the taggie) and the entry about 'nonok' reminds me of the word my ex-maid used to say long time ago, each time my sister went to the loo.

"Nonoknya sudah dibasuh?" or "Eeee...tak malu! Nampak nonoknya!"

Yes fellas, nonok means THAT thing (girl's)... And if you Guys still go 'innocently' "Ha? Ape bende tu??", look at me and see me pointing my middle finger...

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