jeudi, mai 27, 2004


My dad actually said this to me this evening...

"Kalau ade orang masuk meminang, ayah akan accept terus. Salah satu bende yang wajib dicepatkan dalam Islam is kahwinkan anak perempuan cpat2 jika dah ada yang berkenan." (of course he wasn't that serious, but he's trying to say that he doesn't want to keep me any longer....*sob*..ahhahaha! takde lah!)

Erk, walawei! Kawen?? I've been hearing about THAT particular word for the last few days. Not that dad kept on mentioning about the same thing...just that we received a wedding invitation from Johore, mom with her constant 'complaint' about a neighbor who's having a kenduri this weekend (but we're not invited. Hermph!) and in addition, just before this, a friend of mine spilled out about having her OWN kenduri this August.

So what about kawen? Physically, I'm all set (Read: dah boleh produce kids...!) but mentally...herm... lemme think about it... I THINK I can adapt with the new life, tapi... there's always a BUT. I want a few years of strictly-no-children period but can my husband bear with it THAT long? I doubt... Korang nak tau brape lame akuk nak enjoy sblom thinking of getting pregnant? 3 years. After all, 3 taun bukan lame pon... pejam celik pejam celik, dah 3 taun...lpas tuh 'Okay, lets make babies!'.

It's creepy in a way to think about this. I mean, I am in the age of 'dah boleh kawen dah nih'. Even kazen akuk bf dia dah merisik hanta tanda. And if she makes up her mind of getting engaged at that time, I might be her pengapit next year as apparently, her bf wants to shorten the engagement period. Well, memang tunang lama pun tak bagus gak. Seems like mase tunang ni la banyak dugaan pulak. Mase couple dlu tade plak sampai teruk2 macam mase tunang. My dad opposes to the idea of engagement, which I'm okay with. His idea is, "Tak payah tunang2, takda dalam Islam pun. Kawen terus." I'm fully okay with it dad! BUT..not with mom. She demands me to be in that 'booking' period even for a couple of months. Katenye "Nanti orang kate ade something wrong pulak sebab trus kawen." *tepuk dahi* Adoih... yeah, mom is still a bit 'conservative' when it comes to kawen... still the 'kesah ape org lain cakap' type...hermph...

Dad has put another rule apart from bertunang-- There will be no bersanding. It's haram (It is...), which again, is VERY VERY fine with me. Bersanding? Hello!!! To me, it's like duduk atas krusi, kene baling ngan beras, pastuh kene kontrol senyum, and duduk cam orang bodo while others staring at you, or worse, kutuking you (God knows what!). Not to forget all the makcik yang kacau2, mengenakan korang just because you are the bride/groom...pastuh cakap stuff like "Oii pengantin! Senyum manis2 sikit... biar berseri. Pengantin lelaki tu dok jeling2 jek tu...!" Trust me, if I'm allowed to do anything, akuk AKAN TONYOH mulut makcik tu dengan kasut!

Hear my imagination of an ideal kenduri kawen:

1 : I want it to end as soon as possible. Like abes everything by 4, meaning bile dah by 4 tuh, sume dah berkemas so that lpas tuh bleh lepak depan tv tengok vcd ke atau pi shopping malls to those of my relatives who reside outside KL. Pi la nengok The Mines ngan South City Plaza.

2 : And I don't want to control my action or my movement all the time along the kenduri. Ya know, kalo korang tengok kebanyakkan pengantin, depa suma macam kontrol giler! Adoih... tolongla...

Konklusi: JANGAN HARAP LA OIII!!! IMAGINASI KO TUH TERLAMPAU! Yeah, yeah, mak akuk sure kene heart attack!

Oh yeah, I did this quiz from Sarah's site and here's my results:

VERSION 1 (Good one):

-Might adopt three demanding children.
-Elect to play all kinds of games as it mightn't lead to pregnancy
-Are the cutest couple that there ever will be.
-Hold out hope.

VERSION 2 (Evil one):

-Likely to adopt a handful of happy girls.
-Hope to almost elope at every opportunity.
-Defy the predictions and proclamations of any online toy.

Har har har!!! Mengong!

Pepe pun, lambat lagi nak kawen...hehehehe....

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