mardi, mai 25, 2004

Should I Push The Panic Button say....NOW?

Aznim is in shoulder deep shit (yeah, I've decided to increase the level after hearin' about your progress just now.). I am basically bored, with nothing to do (physically), but with tonnes of stuff to sort out (mentally). Oh yeah Aznim, I had a chat with Franz earlier and no I didn't mention anything regarding the progress. He left in a hurry though. Guess he's afraid to be seen online. Har har har!!!

Yet another unproductive day for a very productive human like me. I could simply go out to the mall or catch the latest movies but once I'm in the house, I'll be glued. Not when I'm outside the house though (outside= > 1 km radius).

I am waiting...for the download to complete... 77% left.... 594 MB worth of file... Red Hat Zoot Sparc... thank God it only has 1 cd...........................................

Maybe I shouldn't judge him that fast. C'mon! He's being nice to me! Naaah...maybe he's up to something. Wei, stop being suspicious to people around you lar! He offered the help, it's genuine! Well at least he wants to lend a hand... Herm... maybe he's being nice but it's better to beware. He hasn't been THIS helpful and 'chatty' before this... *tepuk dahi*

That was me arguing with the other me...

Hell Zaki is being very kind to me! Sangat pemurah and baik. Well maybe he sounds nice online but not so very in real life? 12 weeks of being in the same department with him didn't help me much with the impression thingy. Dah berubah sejak ade girlfriend? Herm, baguslah... At least he learns how to treat others... Not holding any grudge against him but the fact that he's being nice gets me wondering. Here I go again! Note to self: Stop being suspicious la wei! Dia dah tolong tuh kira dah bagus dah tuh! Daripada takda any guidance at all...! Hermph!

I have 2 choices here: 1) to leave the PC on until I wake up, or 2) to shut it down. Choice #1 sounds OK but the sound of the processor's fan IS NOT OK (we're talking AMD here...) 1...2...1...2...1...2....And my choice will be...2! I still have tomorrow to get it started all over again.

Weh korang...akuk dah muak giler dengar mp3s akuk skang...It'd be very kind of you to recommend me songs to download. Note to self again: Go for Rahim Maarof...oh that guy is just sexy, isn't he? Grrrrr......~

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