mercredi, mai 26, 2004


I'm bloghopping again. 12.30 am is considered very early for me to hit the bed. Call me Budak Tengah Sangap, thank you.

Dari aktiviti bloghop yang akuk telah lakukan sejak 2 3 hari neh I come to realize something about the similarity between friendster ngan blogging: Dari kedua-dua bende nih, korang dapat discover links. I mean when you check out the blogs and the links included, in the end korang akan discover yang budak neh berkait dengan budak tu and eventually berkait dengan ko. Err... you get what I mean?

My room needs cleaning but still in a bearable condition. Hairs everywhere, tangled wires that need to be sorted out and lets see what else do we have here... scattered research papers under the bed, ticket stubs, reference books, iron, envelopes, baju kotor, baju-baju yang terjatuh dari penyangkut, meja yang sarat dengan bende ntahhapehape, indah water and phone bills? My room is a bit cluttered but take note that there is NO mee goreng or nuggets leftovers. Herm, feel like adding some sketches on the wall. It's too dull! But my mood wants me to read. Cleaning is always there but only limited to the basic stuffs. As long as everything is at their respective places and fallen hair is out of sight, that should do it (do we still regard the hair as singular after it's not attached to the scalp? Read: rambut dah gugur). Anyone?

I've abandoned reading since last year so I want to invite the spirit again and for that, I need a good book to read. Basically, I'm all done with Anita Blake and I doubt there will be any continuation after Cerulean Sins. Sari and Chapatti is a bit dull so I don't mind at all when Wanie wanted to borrow it. Afterall, it's been 'left unattended' in the car for almost a month.

Did I tell you that Rahim Maarof is sexy? Oh yeah, I already did...sorry. It's another case of an over-excited she-species.

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