mercredi, mai 05, 2004

No Me Ames....

Oh yeah, it was a marvelous 4-days hol. The highlight was the time when I finally get to own the phone of my dream- the Samsung S500.. urm well, not the brand that I like in particular, it's the model itself- a phone that flips.

Everything was unplanned. I only accompanied dad to the stationary shop as my youngest sis wanted to search for an 80-cent worth of pencil. Then we browsed from shop to shop when he stopped at this handphone shop. The main intention was only to check out the latest model but he ended up upgrading his phones (as well as mine) to the new ones. Like I said again, it's so sudden. He didn't even mumble about my 'hints' hoping that he would get me one as well. Herm... kenape ek?

After more than an hour spent looking and surveying at all the models available, he finally made up his mind. And that was when I eventually got this phone. Unsangkerebel... What happen to my old 8210? It's in mom's possession. I don't wish to let it go (i.e selling it) as it holds a lot of sentimental values. *aaah...*

So what else is new? The layout. I must say I'm getting sick of the old backgrounds. I need a new one but I couldn't seem to find the one I want, the one that suits my mood presently. So I opt for something dark and abstract. Looks less crowded but must admit it surely look 'berserabut' in the other way. Certainly not too friendly to those who don't prefer illegible layout. I'll try to do something about it. Oh, thanks to G for the banner~ (Me no fella. I don't even have Photoshop in my PC!). Lagi satu, bagi tau aku bila ko trun KL n pegi tempat yg kite plan tuh!

Damn it's already May. Viva time. Report? Worry later. All I need now is to prepare the slides and think of every possible killer questions my future moderator is going to shoot about what I'm currently working on. Even if it means I have to goreng. I guess I'm not that bad in that field. Throw a confident look (though only God knows how nervous you are) and goreng and be firm with your answer, try to be vague but visible enough for him/her to get the whole idea. Or perhaps giving him/her something soo complicated till he/she needs a coffee break. In this case, repetition is useful too! This is the time where you can practise ke'terrer'an pengolahan ayat! Heh! Macam real jerk!

The cold bugs had caught me but not that bad. Just a few sneezes and the uncomfortable feeling on your throat. I may sound nuts but I kinda like having cold...but minus the headache and sore throat lah. Don't ask me why...

Buhsan. It's time for lab session again. Maybe I'd give it a skip. Afterall, he already knew that I try to run the simulator at home too. (...when the truth is that I hardly touch Mandrake. Hehehe~)

"Alif, nanti satu hari kita duet No Me Ames nak?"

"No hal"

Am memorizing the lines now...a puro tormenta! (btol ke struktur ayat?)

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