dimanche, mai 02, 2004

....Bad Thoughts...

I wish I am an android.
I wish I have no emotions.
I wish I can get over something bad in the speed of light.
I wish my mind is numb now.
I wish by sleeping, I can wash away all the bad feelings.
I wish I have something else to think about.
I wish I am not that pessimistic.
I wish I can get all the songs I want just by a snap of fingers.
I wish I can have all the time to be ALONE. (read: without a single soul around, except for my darling cats)
I wish I am not involved...
I wish to own a sports car (no manufacturer in particular, as long as it can fulfill my true definition of speeding)
I wish I am a good liar.
I wish I am an excellent pretender.
I wish all my wishes come true...

....and now I'm starting to sound like a you-ought-to-get-a-life-hon lass... so, pardon me for feeling this way. it's just another mandom session i'd like to share. the sunshine isn't visible at the moment. it's cloudy out there... no rain; not just yet.

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