vendredi, mai 21, 2004

The Whole Complete Meal


I didn't sleep all night again. I just couldn�t afford to. With the unfinished report which was due today, I couldn't stop myself from wondering if it's possible to get everything done within the remaining few hours in hand. Chapter 5 was the real pain. It's where I would talk about the system design. What the hell was I going to say when I'm not developing or designing a single thing? The guide book says about modules and functions that will be executed by the system, yada yada yada... and with the 'overflowing' information on the simulator as well as my clogged mind as team mate, I was left with nothing to write. Don't ask me to goreng 'coz it's absolutely fatal to goreng facts. You could end up with the fancy F than having the comforting C for 'using some of the sentences from the actual paper.' In the end, I decided to use the thing I found as the last resort, with the main aim to get everything done and over with.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to finish everything on time. There, there, another bad impression to Rosli, which will surely make him sheds his hair more from thinking about us and the project. Least of my worry...

I didn't come out of my room even once. Oh well, only to get something to eat and even that was around 7pm. And I couldn't recall if I allowed myself to catch a nap...


It's the day! I'm not going to give more bad impression to both of them. It is going to be today and today would be it! (Note to self!). With non-stop movement of fingers on the keyboard, I eventually called it done by 11 am. Viola! 2 sets of 72 pages of reports, ready to be submitted. It's time to award this poor me with a few hours of pure bliss-- SLEEP!

By 3 I was already on the road, heading to UM. Both Rosli and Bad weren't around so I've got no choice but to leave the reports in their boxes. I must be lucky with my timing as Rosli arrived when I was just on my way to the car park. And we both were like looking at each other, trying to establish a communication. (cheewah!). I finally met him, getting his signature on the submission form. Now to Bad's place. But this time, I put a note together with the submission form. Hopefully the report is safe there...

I am free! Nothing to worry about! Oh well, there is still one thing I can't run a way from: the second (most, utterly deadliEST!) part. Prozac please...?


Yay! A day off!!! Basically I'm back to the old routine (read: bangun lambat) but not today. Dad and me went shopping at Mydin. Yeap! A good place to spend. And my God! I found something that I long to get! A mini, tiny fountain. More like the Feng Shui thingy. Best of all, it is only for 13 bucks! Hell I was excited! Very excited in fact. But in the end, I had to let it go as there's only one power point in my room and it is already doing a heavy-duty job with an extension for my computer (3 for that), a point for my radio and the other one for the table lamp/printer/batt charger.

But I still want that fountain.......................... :(

Like I mentioned in the PB forum for 'Theater and Movies', this month features Bolehman in Bolehland. The synopsis sounds interesting enough. Production of the Comic workshop Theater. It's about 2 men in The Land of All Possibilities.

...They know nothing brings more joy to them than the laughter of the audience....

Well, look at my face and see if I laugh. Indeed a very disappointing show. And I thought that the Jumping Jelly Bean Cleaning Company was boring........... Note to self again: Never catch any show that involves ONLY the two of them! Even the single act of Joe Kukathas in The Election Day was praiseworthy. About the cassette, I'll listen to it next time, WHEN I'm out of songs to play. There is one highlight in June- Flies and Foreigners. Interesting but I wouldn't want to put high hopes on that.


Off to UM. My attendance was not of willingness. More like an obligation. I was glad in a way, anyways as if I didn't 'promise' him to show up today, I might use the whole day to sleep, which is not what I want to do as I already started to develop this ache on my neck due to waking up late.

Opened the lab door just to see the same guy whom I saw yesterday. Quite hip for a master student (Most of them here are BORING, you know what I mean...). Not a hunk but at least he is a funky, stylish one. Best of all, I never thought that the red Honda turbo is his! Not until he sped (the showing-off speeding when you drive past a girl...eeergh, puh-leez!), when I realized the car with the DC registration number is actually his. My my... I'm going to chat him up. :P Hey...I am just being friendly here...hello?! (Dalam mee ade udang... ahaks!)

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