jeudi, avril 29, 2004

Of Y!M, Kemalasan Tak Terperi dan Hari Yang Tak Produktif

Being introduced to Y!M Beta this evening made me wonder how long has it been available. The window is designed to look similar like the XP's-- nice, very nice in fact. Best of all, it comes with new emoticons-- "Loser" "ROTFL" "Waiting" and "Phbbbt!" to name a few. Not to forget the Avatar! Certainly kewl.

Okay, I don't know what is actually delaying me from completing my report. Viva starts this afternoon and I still can't see any moderator name on the column. Like I said to Alif, "Depa bagik I A trus, tak payah nak viva viva neh." Hish...teruk teruk...

I went to the lab just to discover it's locked. Knocked on Rosli's room for the key but it was also locked. Out To Meeting as the indicator showed. It was in the middle of lunch hour and since I was (and still am) out of cash, going to the cafe was not a good idea. So I drove straight to MV to settle the car monthly installment. And again, financial factor banned me from getting something to feed the already churning stomach. I'm used to it though. I hardly take breakfast and lunch is something that based on my mood. I am hungry but without the appetite to eat. Camne tu?

Please recommend me some songs to download...

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