dimanche, mars 14, 2004

Thesis oh Thesis�

The list is out and the topics are disastrous enough to cause another major breakout on my face. With level 1 phobia, (afraid of not being able to deliver the end result as expected) and a little hesitation, I eventually decided to do the SMS Encode/Decoder, which is an �oh-not-so-common� area, considering the SMS stuff is just blooming. Anyways, it was still open for booking and I hope no one e-mailed him before I did.

What�s with the risk? Digging my own grave, as it sounds like. But then, looking at the other topics offered, I would say this one is the best� for me. All I need to do is to learn Java from A as well as WAP WML (which is WAP Wireless Markup Language� just figured that out from Google). Ok la, as long as it�s not C++ (Hell! Java is similar to that bloody C++ lah!). Oh whatever� lets just worry later. Aaah� I started to sense something here�

So I got the mark for my 12 weeks paper. Not a bad one. Hopefully it�ll be the same to the rest.

I talked to Franz and like usual, he�s in the middle of developing a new application. I WANT TO BE LIKE HIM! Wonder when will we get the chance to meet. Too bad we missed the opportunity� blame the ridiculous rules of KMM!

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