mercredi, mars 10, 2004

You�re Out of My Standard Boy. Now Shoo! Shoo!

� he must be good looking, taller than I am, with the wardrobe style of �the cool dudes on the block�, a romantic person, must possess a car to drive me around and if possible, a �blondie blue eyes� mat salleh �

Okay, you may laugh now.

Yep� those were the criteria I wanted in order for a guy to become my boyfriend. And that was the standard I demanded (pergh!) say� when I was in Form 3? That�s like what, 6 years back? The time when the Backstreet Boys was my FAVORITE band and their posters would be all over my wall. (Now you know my silliest �silent obsession�). Rasa sangat bengong.

So, as I grew older, I came to realize that it�s VERY pointless to set such standard or I would have to face the possibilities of turning into an Andalusia.

�Ma, kalau by 30 I haven�t found anyone yet, you carik la sesape pun, I redha��

Tsk tsk tsk� sampai begitu sekali yek ayat aku! ;)

I did a thorough revision one fine day and decided to erase some and leave just a few that I think, are inappropriate to cross out.

Finally, the altered (berdasarkan perikemanusiaan dan akal yang waras) list:

1) Taller that I am. (WAJIB!)
2) Decent style of dressing.
3) Sedap mata memandang.
4) Someone who won�t make me feel miserable.
5) Lastly, the most important thing: Someone who has all the patience in the world to bear with my unstable mood swing. (Tak susah sebenanyer, just buat dono jerk bila dah nampak lain macam� I�ll recover on my own)

Makes more sense than the pervious list right?

I�ve learnt so many things about guys during my post-secondary years and it would be damn shallow to think that I will find the exact human who has ALL the decisive factors I wished for.


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