samedi, mars 27, 2004

Scene 1
Venue: Mid Valley car park ticket counter

A Chinese man was about to pay for the ticket when he discovered that the rate is RM1.

CM: Wah! One ringgit only? So value. (He meant �cheap�)

And he said it with a pleasant and cheerful expression, but sadly, the ticket girl gave him a �so-what?� look. Some people just don�t know how to be polite even if it means having to fake it all the way. And you can expect the same treatment from most of the People of the Counters. Ntah ape yang penat pun tak tau la�

Scene 2
Venue:LRT to Sentral

A guy was talking on the phone with his friend. A girl I assumed.

Boy: � Nak hantar member.

When he hung up, his girl companion looked and him with the �hamboi hamboi!!� expression.

Girl: Hantar MEMBER��.??

And that guy grinned.

It was already 4.15pm when I arrived at Sentral. Affa and Syah were already there. As usual, we update ourselves with the latest and Affa told me about his appearance in Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi, versi Alleycat. Lets wait for it if it�s going to be aired soon. Erm, ataupun itu adelah another assignment of his friends? Anyways, that was a short hang out as I had another task to settle: Take a letter from Atuk and for that, I had to drive from Kerinchi to Sg. Long and try to get back before 6.30pm. Thank God the traffic flow was smooth! Aku berharap yang Nanny akan mengoffer lauk untuk dibawak balik tapik dia tak!!! Boo hooo!!!

I managed to successfully execute all the tasks in the to-do list except for one: Masak. It was way too late to cook when I finally reached home. So, nak senangkan cerita� BELI LAUK!

Was talking with "Yo-Wassup!" guy just now. It was funny as I used to get excited when we chat but as I come to realize how unstable he is (trust me, his unstability is terribly worse than mine! His unstability= relationships.), the excited ness just simply fades away. Having a fickle minded guy is certainly not what I want in a relationship. Yeah, we're still in good term in the sense of friendship and we still keep in touch. Quite a surprize when he can still remember my number. (it's hard to recall the number that you haven't dialled for more than 2 years...). Cerita akuk masa kenal dengan dia adelah satu memori yang sangat bodo bile dikenang balik. Ye lah, masa zaman inesen dan kanak kanak (errr...18 tuh kanak kanak ke?).

Err... satu soalan: Define first love.

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