vendredi, mars 26, 2004

Wei TMNet Network Engineers! Tido ka?!!

Should I simply sue them for the terrible connection I�m facing right now? As far as I remember, this is my 37th attempt (well, not the exact figure but it�s somewhere around there.). The connection will either receive no or on-and-off reply from the host or it will disconnect after a few seconds. Bangang gile! What�s with the instability la wei?

Aaah, what a *quote*� productive� *unquote* day. Alif called me up at 11 am and I was 1 cm close to ending the bothersome ringing (i.e: tekan kensel). I took the call anyways.

�Hey, tido lagi ke?�

*trying not to sound that sleepy* �Erhm, eherm, oh� yeah. Dah jumpe Fazidah dah?�

� and we talked on the phone long enough to get me fully awake.

*golek golek, ngeliat...looking for Sam*

Oh okay, I think I should bring her downstairs to eat. It�s already past 12 and I don�t think that she could wait any longer or lese, she will die of starvation. And now, she�s sleeping right in front of me on the computer table, with the head on the keyboard. Sangat chomel! I have the habit of pinching her nose when she's sleeping. Can't help it!

A 6 million dollar question Alif spit to me: Dah start buat thesis dah?

Alright, that is a deadly question. Basically I roughly have a month before Viva and erm� bile ek report submission? Before or after Viva? Herk! No no noooo� not the panic button. Not just yet! Didn�t go to the lab the whole week. This is bad�

I�m trying to reconnect and keeping my fingers crossed at the same time. I have to get connected, I just have to! My life depends on Yayai� tade lah� saje exaggerate. :P

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