mardi, mars 16, 2004

Elect whaaat??

Reminds me of the previous university election day. Like usual, we (as in me and a few of my friends) couldn't even bother of getting to know the candidates. They came to the faculty with black suit , distributing flyers containing all the so-called manifestos which ended up being our kertas kira-kira or kertas conteng masa tengah boring dengar lecture. And most of the time, the pictures of the candidates would be the victims of our creativity. (Nak masuk art school tapi tak dapat...)

And each time during the election, there would be this small piece of paper; an exact replication of the real election sheet but with an additional feature: X's at certain boxes, kononnye as a 'guide' to voters lah to show those that were in the same party. (Tactic...tactic...) But to the insensitive and ignorant voter like me, that damn small piece of paper really made my task a lot easier. I only had to memorize which boxes to mark and viola! I'm done! Funny as there was a lucky draw. Probably to attract students to vote. Smart approach. ;)

A less complicated solution: Undi rosak! I know someone who decided to be fair to all the candidates by giving them big cross on the sheet. Habis cerita! Sume dapat pangkah! Kan puas hati?!)

I'm still in complete ignorance, but that doesn't mean that I'm an ignoramus!

Peace to 'yall~

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