vendredi, mars 19, 2004

I Am A House�daughter� For The Next Three Months, Thank You.


Itulah post akuk masa cuti nih. Uh-huh, I�m still doing my special semester but it doesn�t require me to go to classes. I�m free to execute my schoolwork at the comfort of my bedroom. I�ve confirmed my topic and I�d be under the supervision of Dr. Rosli. Pretty lucky I guess. Then again, I was wondering why he didn�t even bother to reply my mail. Hermph!


Bluetooth is the scope, so be it. Akuk redha. He isn�t a bad person as a supervisor though. Just that my mind is still wondering about the moderator. Hopefully Mazliza isn�t gonna be The One. *fingers crossed*


Besides being a ��time� maid, I�m also a �gardener on probation�, trying to test if I was borne with green fingers (all I see is scars and more scars, fresh and old. My hands are corrupted�). Today is my first day and it probably takes me around 10 days before the germination can happen. Too long!


My room needs another spring clean session. STUFFY!!! One problem that seems to bother me since forever: Dust. I can�t afford to shut the windows all the time. I will get killed� of insanity. Bilik yang takda pengudaraan sempurna + keadaan yang macam tongkang pecah= @$%*!#


I�m beginning to start my old �cuti semester� routine again: to bed at 4 am and start the day at 12 pm. Lets just hope that my head won�t get affected from that. Looks like it�s still under control� well, up to this moment at least.


I want to shop but with RM 11 in hand. Can I get a pair of shoes with that amount? Yes it�s not impossible but can it get me the shoes that I WANT? Nope! And with the figure 13 in the account, I�m left with no source of income. Any plan that is related to RM must be postponed until the next week: ALLOWANCE!!!

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