mercredi, février 11, 2004

The Time When Cracking Jokes is The Last Thing You Want to Do�

Yep, you know what time it is: VIVA. The period when shopping activities are the last thing you want to do, truancy is at its highest and stress management is put on practice. Basically I�ve got nothing to do with all this as I�m not doing my thesis this semester. I have yet to do my first part, which is going to take place during my special semester. (I hate 3 months break!)

I need to find my supervisor. A few names are already on the list. I want someone who isn�t bitchy and willing to help and assist me all the way through the development. But it comes with a price of getting a pain-in-the-ass moderator. Plan well and hope everything will be fine.

The car is in the clinic. Diagnosis reveals that the problem is due to the dirty oil filter...that�s what he said. Herm�

Kepade semua yang akan viva, selamat menggoreng dan meng defend system korang. My time will certainly come, but as for now, I want to clear my mind�and my face! Argh!

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