samedi, février 14, 2004

Lets Do the Belly dance baby!

My coordination sucks. The present lifestyle is to blame. More sleep (yep, Malaysian most fave pastime, no kidding!) and hardly any exercise turned me into a sloth. Amazingly, there�s no change on my weight. I�m expecting a few additional pounds; at least enough to entitle me to donate some blood. But then, I�m born with high metabolic rate� that explains it.

That factor motivates me to opt for something that can make me move my ass. Jogging? My neighborhood? No thanks! Sports? No facilities. Now that�s when the idea of getting a workout cd occurred. Viola! A belly dance workout cd� 2 in 1 combination of belly dance+ hip hop moves and the aerobic steps. I�ve had my second session just now. Shakira dear, step aside. Your rival is here. I have a plan of taking a dance class in the near future. :)

I had a chat with Mal later this afternoon after the class, discussing about the presentation earlier on and the previous nightmarish experience till we came to the stuff about music instrument.

�You know what? When I see you, I think of you as someone who plays the drum. I don�t know why drum and nothing else but it�s just it ya know.�

Kewl! I look like a drum girl! She got it right. I like drum the best. It�s the thing that I want to do! I�ll probably take a drum lesson. Another thing in my to-do list.

Am I ambidextrous? Coz I can�t really write properly with my left hand, just that I use it when I strum the guitar, peel the fruits, slice the meat and cut the paper. My right hand is still the dominant one� does that count?

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