mardi, février 10, 2004

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Haven�t been bloggin� for quite a while. Pretty busy with deadlines, presentation, exam� and the list goes on. Last week was something that I wouldn�t really wish to face again, not in the near future at least. Turned out that I was still the one who has to present.

My session was okay. Only 3 questions were being asked and I managed to answer all of them with � of confidence available, which in a way, avoiding her to interject for further elaboration. So, one burden has been released. But why did I still feel down? The fact that we didn�t get a �Good� remark from her? Maybe. Should�ve seen Sha�s group. Gosh, depa kena kaw kaw punya during the Physical Design. I was totally speechless. (Macam la akuk yang kena�). Basically, 2 groups kena and both involved Physical Design. Kee�s group was the other one. (Rupenye budak yang akuk usha tuh group dia�)

Didn�t go to Monday session though I really wanted to watch the rest of the presentations. Last minute revision�

Yeap, my day was spent in the library. Funny as I bumped into 2 not-so-long lost friends: Zack and Inder. Well, I only got the chance to tap his shoulder as we were heading to different directions. And I met Inder the time I stepped out of the elevator. Suma dah tukar number. No wonder sms tak balas!

5 pm. Time to go home. Sesi membaca dan menghafal yang tak berkesan langsung. Where did my mind drift to at that time? Spain? Papua New Guinea? Last Friday?

*Oh no� please tell me it isn�t true. Please, please tell me it�s NOT my car��������������..yes, it is�*

Marvelous, just what I need. A clamp on my back wheel! Great, just great� I walked limply towards my car. Line clear? Tade orang lalu lalang? Good! I quickly stuffed my files and try to get away from the car as fast as I could. It�s weird as I was feeling a little embarrassed, though I didn�t know why should I feel that way. The idea or people making fun of you? I guess. Sometimes you can�t help yourself from being paranoid�

Naik van security, pegi pejabat keselamatan. I�ve met the officer before, the time when Ida�s car faced the same fate. And that was 2 years ago? His has a fierce look and this raspy voice but then, looks can be deceiving. Sangat menakutkan but like I said, raut wajah kadangkala tak melambangkan personaliti seseorang itu.

There goes my 10 ringgit�

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