jeudi, février 05, 2004

I�m able to work under stress� hmmmph!!


So the submission for Network Design wasn�t actually today. I was relieved, but refused to let myself to get carried away by the news. I have one more thing to be worried about� the chat program, the dreadful chat program.

But before that, I have another priority on the list. A test at 10.30 a.m. Two chapters; �No big deal!!!� If I continue the chant, I would just have to say goodbye to my 10%, which I would not to! I only had 30 minutes to memorize (hopefully) everything (I want to be a Bionic Woman�). I managed to fully digest the first chapter. Everything was in right here. *tapping at the temple of my head*

I arrived somewhere around 8.30 am after sending my sister to Cahaya Suria for her dentist appointment. 2 hours to proceed to the next chapter which is way longer than the first one. Belambak giler nak hafal. Where to start?? Lets see, from the back? Read the summary? I prefer the first one. So, the first session dismissed at 9.30 a.m. Darn I don�t have anyone I know to ask about the questions. Aah, the VHDL girl. I stopped her and asked about the test.

�Baca ISDN. Banyak ISDN�

Shit. That�s the long chapter! Nak tak nak, kene la jugak hafal.

Alhamdulillah! My brain was functioning. (was it not before this?) I memorized the important parts. Yay!

10.30 a.m. Time to enter the class. Got the question paper. Didn�t bother to read through. Just went straight to tackle the first question. Then the second� third� Call it luck! 98% of them were about the first chapter! Wheeee!!! What a nice thing to boost my day. ;)

A call from Malini informing me about her absence. She couldn�t make it due to her thesis. Great, that�s just what I want. I know nuts about J2SDK and it�s too late to make any reference! Bagus�bagus�

This was when I realized about the need of a thumb drive. 16++ MB size of a program with a diskette in hand, that was pathetic. PC�s with burner had been replaced by the useless, burner less Dell Dimension. Life has never been so exciting!

Last resort; rumah Is with Streamyx. Lepak sana till 8 pm, doing the editing before having my dinner with Anim and Wanie. 1 jam untuk kuey tiow ladna. Service fail! Tu pun ade hati nak tarik orang lagi!

[Tuesday�which is today?]

Sekali lagi tak dapat tido sebelum pegi kelas. I have a class at 8.30 am. Hari ni Thaipusam so I presumed that the road wouldn�t be that congested. Obviously! And the average 45-minutes journey was shrunk to 20. Kan bagus kalau macam ni setiap hari�*sigh*

Hari ni presentation day for 4 groups. Kene datang jugak. After all, I had to meet with the rest regarding the assignment. Akuk kene present! Argh! Venue: Mana lagi kalau bukan caf�! Tempat berdiskusi sambil makan dan cuci mata. Then, there was this guy, Amat (Jehan�s friend) who joined us later. Dia sangat chomel!!!!

I�m gonna be the first to present and hopefully won�t be bombarded with �Why this?� and �Why not that?� Oh! There�s another zit coming out! What should I call it? Tabby?


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