lundi, février 02, 2004


Never mind of the �that�s-quite-expensive-lah� comment. 30 bucks? Lets just say that I�m more than satisfied. Absolutely nothing to complain about! I groove to the sound of GSC (totally enjoyed myself dancing to their tunes), watching Telebury playing my fave song God Speed Your Love, and lastly, not to forget the main reason of my presence�the short films (despite the a-lil-bit-inappropriate timing as the next day would be Raya Haji).

We took the commuter and arrived there somewhere around 4.45 pm. It was burning HOT and we had to rely on mineral water to keep us from being dehydrated. We missed the first rotation of the shorts which was from 3.30 to 5.15 pm but there�s going to be another round at 6.30 pm. But before that, there would be a screening of Amir Muhammad�s 6horts. What can I say? His works are good! They are for the brain to digest. Forget Kuliah Cinta or Jutawan Fakir (erk!)! Go for something witty lah once in a while! Love the direct Malay-to-English translation of Mona Fendey�s conversation with that Dato� Mazlan. Funny mad! (err, as in kelakar gile?) Oh yeah, remember about Norizat Muhammad Thalib and Club Med? (Do I get the father�s name correct?) That was bloody hilarious! I went out to catch some fresh air before Gedebe started (we were inside the room since 5.30 pm!!!). There were some people creating graffiti when I stepped outside as well as a dance performance by Women�s Aid Organization. Interesting, but unfortunately, I already had something up.

8.15 pm. Time for Nam Ron�s Gedebe. My hands were starting to get Nam (sorry, it�s N.U.M.B) by the direct freezing air from the air-cond which was only a few meters away from us but then, we didn�t really bother to make any attempt to shift. The storyline is straightforward�Backstabbing. It�s about Cassius (or Casiu~ if you ask a Kelantanese to pronounce it), one of the followers of a punk clan who wanted to get rid of the self-proclaimed leader, Caesar. The story revolves around Brutus (Caesar�s fave follower) and Cassius. Since I�m so malas to elaborate, feel free to read the synopsis from other bloggers or the dedicated site itself. ;)

9.20 pm. Time to make a move. Some of the stalls were already closed. It was time for the Dance Slot when we stepped out. And I suddenly felt the urge to join the crowd. Browsed through the remaining stalls, planning to buy a tee before we left. Showroom? Wondermilk? Play Body Language? Arh! Takda duit!!! I finally got myself a 20 ringgit worth of t-shirt from the Komas booth. That one also is okay ape?

We arrived home by 10.30 pm and by this time, I was totally beat. Boleh ke bangun semayang raya esok? Answer: Heh! Smayang hape kalau pagi smalam bangun pukul 9!

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