vendredi, janvier 30, 2004

Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight...

It's 3.30 am and I'm still awake, trying to come out with suitable sentences for a proposal which due today... at 5. I had to redo Task 1 and 2 as what we previously submitted were all craps. And I just know that the lecturer was being super duper nice not to 'humiliate' us with her comment by putting it in an acceptable form. (unlike some whose middle name is be-prepared-as-i'm-gonna-put-u-down-and-ruin-ur-beautiful-day. TAKE NOTE MAZLIZA AND ROSLI!!! GET A GRIP LA! That is soo way unprofessional of you!)

This song is so depressing in a way which is... undescribeable. Surprizingly, Alif feels the same. Whenever You Call is somehow berhantu. It's like you really want to stop listening but it ends up being the only song in your current playlist. Again...undescribable... Reminds me very much of Lou...

I was sleeping when dad knocked on my door and asked about the car.

"Kenapa kereta kamu rasa jerking sikit sikit?"

*tengah mamai*

"Ha? Jerking? Tadi bawak takde ape ape pun..."

*and I drifted off again...*

If my car is faulty, I will use Mom's then. After all, it's about time to heat up the engine. Been on the porch unmoved for almost a week now. Eh, jap, bukan ayah akuk baru gune pagi tadi ke?

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