samedi, janvier 10, 2004

Hi! My name is kAy �in-the-nick-of-time� Fuad!

Set the alarm for 10 am in hope to cover a few more chapters of Network Design (psst, tipu je tuh..). The Nescafe I had the night before, (kononnye to keep me awake) turned out to be useless. Maybe I�m starting to get immune to caffeine.

Woke up with a message from Is saying that I should execute my task of documenting the Representative Structure. Rep�? Struct..? Huh??? Instead of heading straight to the bathroom, I hit the net and checked out what she had sent me regarding Task 1 and 2. Kept telling myself that going online should strictly mean business�i.e. download the thing and offline right after it�s done. 5 minutes passed, then 15, and it was already 1 hour 35 minutes when I clicked the Disconnect button. Tsk tsk tsk�

�You can take the car if you want as I�m leaving at 2.30�

From my (cukup- cukup) time calculation, it usually takes me 30 to 40 minutes to reach UM, and that includes the time I take to beat the traffic. Since the test would start at 3.30 pm, I would have plenty of time to drive leisurely, enjoying the panoramic view that I usually miss (peh!). I finally arrived at the parking lot of the Exam Hall 5 minutes to 3. Aah, saw the G Wing. Eh kejap� why takde orang at the corridor like it always do before the doors are opened? Funny as I never suspected that the exam actually started at 3 instead of 3.30; not until I saw the writing on the whiteboard.

WRES 3108- Network Design. 3- 4.30 pm.

Should I start screaming? Nope. I, in fact, am a VERY calm person. (I seriously am!). And since it was just 3 pm, I could still take my own sweet time climbing the steps to Level 2. After all, I have 1 � hours to complete all the questions. MCQs and one essay question which was more like the structural question.

Everyone had their eyes glued to the first page when I took my seat. Oh great, I�ve got to sit right in front of Her! What a sooo very uncomfortable place to be! The MCQs were something I can consider as semi-easy and straightforward. To tell the truth, I didn�t actually digest a thing I read early this morning. (Video clips on TV and a book in front of you. Take your pick please�). The Ketchup Song was enough to get me on my feet and made me forget about my foremost mission- bace buku untuk mid semester.

*scribble scribble*

OH SHIT! I left Task 2 in my room!!! Think! Think! Think!!! Best possible solutions: a) go to the nearby CC and get everything done since I have the example in my mailbox or b) lari balik rumah. Gile ke hape? Buang minyak yang memang nak habis and pegi balik ke UM semate- mate nak hanta 2 keping kertas! (Best possible solution? That�s the WORST!!). Think! Think! Think! Aha! Vista, Is, Streamyx� HOW COULD I NOT THINK OF THAT?!! Left the hall at 4 pm and called Wanie straight away. She�s at home! Brilliant!

Time to translate� again� 10 to 4.30 pm. 50 minutes to go before the deadline of submission. Elek, elek, sempat� Left the house at around 4.45 and Is stepped out of the elevator the time I was about to enter the other one. Phew! That was really close�really really close.

10 minutes before 5 pm. No rush, Elek lagi sebab we were required to put the assignments inside the pigeonhole. It�s not that she would stand beside the box and penalize all the late comers pon!

Aaah, 5 sharp by the time I stuffed everything inside the hole. SEE!! SEE!! When I say that we�re going to make it on time, you can mark my word on that. Time to hit the caf� perut sudah berbunyi�

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