jeudi, janvier 08, 2004

Now I�m hating this even more!

There�s going to be a dance!!! Why do I see an image of Mid Valley in my mind? NO! Just hold on! The initial solution of putting on my �err� kebaya is something that I�d like to reconsider NOW! Being home straight away and miss all the excitement? No way!! That�s certainly a thing I wouldn�t want to let pass, even if it means getting home by 1 and having to skip the morning class due to excessive booty shaking session. (erk!) Eh alamak� that depends on the driver too lah� I have no choice but to balik if boss says so. To refuse is to balik naik teksi.

Okay, maybe I�m taking this whole matter a little bit too much but like I mentioned earlier, the idea of wearing the �Baju Kebangsaan� is the last thing I want to mull over. This is driving me nuts�

Survey shows that Nik�s going to parade her cheongsam while Jehan with her dress. Before any further decision making can be made, I might just want to revise this statistic:

Stat #1: Lecturers are going to be there� and maybe the VC too. Hopefully Double Z won�t be around or it spells SHIT.

Stat #2 (sad but true�) : And this time around, there are going to be a lot of The Primitives (term courtesy of mulut laser Nik). Anything outstanding will surely be the talk of the town for the rest of the week. So, better think twice. Eh, wait a minute! Lets see if I care! And even if I�m going to be Topic of The Week, let be it! And see again if I give a shit. It�s hard to be in a the community where most of the people are erm� �typical�. I don�t care if the girls bitch about me but when it involves the guys� be prepared to see the disgusting look on their faces when you pass by.

�Ni kat UM, kalau kat MMU ke, I don�t really care. Kalau kat sini, overdress sikit je dah start cakap cakap.�

Well Alif, all of us are very aware of the situation�

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