mardi, janvier 06, 2004

Can I have another 10 minutes of sleep�..?

What did I do last night that made me super sleepy? Nothing! So, what�s with the semi opened eyes? Hentah�

I successfully didn�t manage to digest A SINGLE thing he said in front. I can only recall bulat bulat of the diagrams, Pepperland and a table which I seriously need to check again. Serious shit sangat mengantuk ditambah dengan rasa lapar yang sangat tragik sehingga mengeluarkan bunyi *kruuk kruuk* yang memalukan. Well, the two hours finally ended but I have another class to attend right after. Hadoih�

What if I say that I am financially pathetic now? Read again� FINANCIALLY PATHETIC! A message to anyone who is thinking of robbing me� �Sori brader, I only have 2 cents and coffee bean card inside my wallet. Nak bet?� Tengoklah betape tragiknye akuk. And the last piece I had was reserved for the toll. I used all the money that I got from dad to pay for the remaining amount of this coming dinner. Oh, arinie is Tuesday. Kalo tak I�m thinking of duduk kat tgh jalan kat pasa malam sambil pegang mangkuk, mintak simpati� geez, now I am sounding like a moron.

I have a test on Friday and I�m loaded with nothing but the scribbled worse-than-tulisan-budak-medic notes� and scattered ntah mane mane. Be like me and you�ll surely flunk�sucessfully� takpe, when there�s a will there�s a way. Erm, budak UPM ade pakai Cisco tak?�..

I cried over another drama. No wait, this is not just 1 or 2 drops of tears. Talking about about the sobs and all. Erk...! Tidur dengan mata yang sedikit sepet� wheeeeee~

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