samedi, décembre 27, 2003

Salman, Salman....tsk tsk tsk...

Like usual, nothing interesting out of the box. Slouching on the couch, treating myself with my fortnightly manicure session while channel-surf at the same time. TV1? I'll pass. TV2? Couldn't even bother. TV3? Hindustan movie? At this freaking hour? On what occasion? Christmas? Oh well� NTV7? Now, I don�t think I checked that one out. Channel 9? Some boring series. Aah..lets see what TV8 has got to offer. They would have clips by this time. So, I stick to that channel till 10.30 pm.

10.30 pm�.

Time to switch again! After two rounds of clicking, I finally gave up and chose to give the Hindi movie a try� with Mr. Salman Khan a.k.a. Look-At-My-Biceps-and-My-Bulging-Breast-Larger-Than-Yours-Baby, as the *cough cough* ... hero.

Like other Hindi movies, the storyline is predictable, with the hero who is madly in love with the heroin, the crooks who desperately want him to die, and the final one, which makes me doubt the whole political stability in India-- the 'polluted', gila-kuasa leaders. I wonder what�s with all the bad portrayals? Are Indian politicians THAT corrupted? Now where the hell is my Indian friend? (the one from the Main Land of course!)

The movie was already halfway when I decided to watch it. The story is about Mr. LAMBAMBBLTYB who was shot by his greedy close friend. (I won�t think twice of poisoning my friend if it involves 1 million bucks man!)The scene took place inside a moving (typical door less India) train and the hero then fell into a river (most probably The Ganges) Around seven bullets kissed his bod and amazingly, he was alive! That was DAMN AMAZING. That�s when they say �Nyawa masih panjang��. Anyways, he was found by a man who coincidentally, had just finished throwing his late son�s ash to that same river. Ironically, Mr. LAMBAMBBLTYB was on coma for 8 freaking months and awakened with a case of amnesia. And that continues for another 3 years with concurrent flashbacks.

To cut the story short, he later remembered about his past life and it happens that he was a Muslim by the name of Ali. Now this is the ridiculous and contradicting part. In one of his flashbacks, he saw a German Shepherd which turns out to be his pet. Somebody should tell the director about this. The Muslims CAN�T, by any reason, touch dogs and have them as pet. And here he was, patting and playing with this Taylor like no one�s business. Not only that, he also owned a gold chain with pendants that had �Allah� and �Muhammad� carved on each. Gold? That�s just not quite right� Oh well, if Shah Rukh Khan can marry a non-converted woman and only �sembahyang jenazah� during the time his mom passed away, why not Mr. LAMBAMBBLTYB with his own stuff? Now that�s Bollywood��.. ;)

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