lundi, décembre 29, 2003

Part I:

Was flipping the pages in KLUE when an image caught my attention. �I WAS RIGHT! I KNEW THAT HE�S ONE OF THE POETIC AMMOS!!! SEE?!! SEE?!!� No wonder he looks damn familiar. So, the deejay at Giant IS Landslyde. (sad to say, of all the names, his is the only one that I couldn�t recall.) Dragon Red? Herm, never heard of �em. Then, a paragraph caught my attention, with Smek�s name being mentioned. Now, this is interesting�*read read read* Aaah� it�s about some discussion in Malaise they had in the forum (... don�t even bother to care�). Don�t actually know this �shortie� but I�m well informed of his big �takde insuran� mouth. To Alif and a few others, Smek=disgusting but another friend of mind finds him erm, chomel. So, where do I stand? In the middle. It�s too early to throw him into any category but I, in a way, I�m starting to see him as� a jerk.


Part II:

There are times when I wonder about my core purpose of owning a blog. The VERY FIRST intention: to have a medium to express my mind, my agony and dissatisfactions without having to worry about getting busted. Yeah, I still write about my hatred, pain and stuff but it�s somehow restricted. I can write about people I loathe and detest, but it�s only applicable to those who don�t know about the existence of my blog. To complaint and bitch about the people who visit this place is like �takda kije carik kije..�. And that is why I try my very best not to simply give out my URL, though the urge is always there. Blame that Nedstat for that too! �The secret of attracting readers is to write good stuffs.� That�s probably the thing that I�ll hear when asking about tips to get people to read your blog.

�Hey baby! Revise your main point of blogging! REVISE!!!�

Okay, maybe my writings are boring to others but it does provide me with sheer satisfaction. After all, that�s what my target is-- Maki maki, kutuk kutuk, lepas geram sampai puas hati. Erk! Air dah abes! Nih sape rebus ikan pulak pepagi bute nih? Nak buat laksa ke?

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