vendredi, décembre 26, 2003

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Nu Yah~

I went to pay a visit to our ex neighbors who are leaving for Mecca this 27th. My wish to catch a glimpse of my childhood friend didn�t come true. He and the brother were out. Wonder how he looks like now. Taller? Cuter? Herm� issit? Seeing is believing. The case is always not quite what it is expected to be. Cute and adorable during the growing up phase but not when they reach adolescence. Muka menjadi matang and not forgetting the invading pimples.

We then drove to Kampung Malaysia Tambahan to visit an aunt. Nothing interesting about that. Just the same ol� people, those whom we always meet. I lepak at my cousin�s room when she suddenly showed me the picture of her boyfriend.

�Ha, ni lah bakal�..�

��Bakal tunang?�

�Yeap, bakal tunang. Amacam? Ok tak?�

�Not bad.�

And the interview continued with �Budak mane?� �Korang kenal mase orientasi ek?� �Course ape?� �Brape tahun dah korang couple?�� and I was like the reporter of �Ruangan Mama Juwie�. Pardon me as I got a little bit excited as I�m going to witness a close cousin of mine getting engaged in the near future. That means, new status coming up : �Tunang orang�. Herm� happy for her. What? Me? Nooo� I certainly am not ready to get my hands on such stuff yet. Saya masih tak matang lagik dan masih nak enjoy. ;)

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