samedi, décembre 20, 2003

(p/s: if the mentioned person happens to read this, I hope you�ll understand)

Another entry coming up, after a few hours of posting the previous one. Dad did a spring clean on the living room just now but I preferred not to interfere and watched the grand finale of Survivor instead (though we already knew who the winner is).

I am on YM as well as MIRC (after thousands of attempts to get connected.). Syah, for the umpteenth time, persuaded me to attend his open house. This is suffocating. Okay, now I�m starting to get annoyed. When I say NO, I really mean it! I have my own level of tolerance but this time, it�s getting on my nerves. It�s hard to deal with people who just don�t or can�t get the whole thing.

From my observation, Syah can be classified as lonely and wanting to be noticed. Everytime he�s online, one thing he won�t forget to include is his �cool� girlfriends. I personally don�t find them cool at all. Lan seems to agree with me. He hangs out with chicks, hit the clubs and hang out at Syed together, but none (I think) is close to him. I, somehow, am sure of my hypothesis. Anyways, Lan is going to be there. Have fun fellas.

It�s time to have a dusting-and-sweeping session for my room. I need to get a suitable place to hang the wind chime and am thinking of taking the floor lamp into my room. My room should get another new makeover.

Right now, both are having a conversation about some tickets booking. Probably movie tics. Oh well, whatever�

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