dimanche, décembre 21, 2003

I hate cockroaches!

Story I:

I just smashed a roach and it�s yucky! Amazingly it could still walk and even run away when I tried to pick it up� erm, with the help of a plastic bag to cover my hand of course. With the speed of light, I dashed to the bathroom and wickedly threw the pest inside the toilet bowl. I can be the most vicious human on earth when it comes to roaches. So, with glee and the evil grin, I watched the poor thing swam, searching for a place away from the water when there was actually nowhere to escape. The torture didn�t end there. I then saw the toilet bowl detergent which will take a form of mousse when you squirt it out. I sprayed, sprayed and sprayed till the whole surface was covered with white foam. From my view, I could see the struggling movement of that creature as it swam and swam for mercy. Sorry mate, but you�ve gotta go!

End of Story I.

Story II:

Me, Alif and Anim arrived together at around 3.30 pm, 1 � hours late from my actual schedule. Didn�t consume much as I had nasi tomato earlier on at my uncle�s house after dropping their ayam masak merah. Only had fried beehon at Adi�s. It was pouring when we left Hillpark. Didn�t wish to wait as we�re afraid that the situation might get worse, which means that we�re going to be trapped till it eventually stopped.

Arrived at Ida�s 30 minutes later. Datang- datang jek was being �greeted� by 3 guys, sitting at the porch.

�Ha, dah lambat. Makanan sume dah abis�

I was dumbstruck and the only reply I could think of was throwing them my sweet (ahak! Ahak!), �herm�okay�� smile. They were not bad gaks! Shee hee hee�akuk yang sangat gatal! ;). Didn�t lepak long. Need to catch ice-cream cake at Sg. Long.

Aaah, another �welcome� from 3 guys the time I reached there. There were no guests except for those 3 guys who were my cousins� friends. Sad to say, I missed the ice-cream cake. Aaaargh!

We stayed until dinner and I managed to get home on time, right before Smallville. (glad Clark and Lana were finally together� Their thing really reminds me of something� feels that it has some kind of similarity on what I used to have�. Herm�.)

End of Story II.

I need to take my bath. It�s 11.30 pm and I must print out the Executive Summary of Phase I. Oh shit! I haven�t done the tutorial yet!! Shit Shit Shit!!

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