mardi, décembre 30, 2003

No! Wait a second. Okay now! 1, 2, 3�.PANIC!!!

I was playing with my hair and touched the area of my neck when I felt a tiny painless bump. Should I start shrieking or call a lawyer instead to arrange a will? No!!!! I ain�t going to give my PC to my destructive sisters. Same goes to the stereo system too! Now, should I sell my reference books? Very funny kAy� very funny of you.

Nope, I haven�t pushed the panic button� not just yet. I would wait for another few days as there is one factor that might contribute to the development of the lump�the swollen lymph gland(s) on my neck due to the sore throat that comes together with occasional itch on the esophagus that I�m having presently. Oh! I just sneezed! Bless me! And that was the tenth sneeze I had for today. Again, must I book an operation theater first thing in the morning? Another case of a paranoid woman.

Funny thing is, I blamed the super sour orange juice I bought from Giant for the soreness I suffer (not forgetting the discomfort while sleeping), which I know, is a very ridiculous theory ever created!

Don�t go all yaying yet! Previously, I noticed some discomfort at the other part of my body that made my heart sprint 120 beats per minute. And like before, I implemented my self-relaxing therapy that worked all way through the day and the day after and the day after that day after that day after��..

�Maybe because of the seatbelt��

�Could be��

Well, that�s the least of my worries right now. I�m beginning to tell myself that it�s just another time of the month�


intergratypezero (1:10:19 AM): i need someone i wanna talkkkk
wickedbabysitter (1:12:46 AM): not into any advice giving mood but i guess I still can lend u my ear..
intergratypezero (1:13:00 AM): nvm la kay
wickedbabysitter (1:13:42 AM): sorry
intergratypezero (1:13:48 AM): takpa
wickedbabysitter (1:14:26 AM): kalau u nak ceta pun takpe..ya know just to let it out
intergratypezero (1:14:44 AM): takpa aa kay
intergratypezero (1:14:50 AM): let me keep it inside

� And he left a few seconds later�

Hearing another love crisis from him is the last thing I want to do now. The regular �I had a fight with my girl� or �I feel that she doesn�t love me anymore� just make me sick. Sorry to say but you�ve reached the limit. 500 bucks to extend the capacity-- per session, per hour, PER DAY! Who says that talk is cheap?

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