mercredi, décembre 31, 2003

� and now the sole of my foot is �sick�

What I�m having on my playlist at this very moment is Project Pop; an Indonesian band. The mp3 (Waie loans me) laid on the system unit (or in other word, CPU) for more than a month and thanks to Mow for triggering me to listen to Project Pop�s Dangdut Is The Music of My Country, from the album Pop OK. This is a very cool mix. It is like metal-rap-Linkin-thingy at the beginning of the song and followed by the tabla sound of dangdut, which some will find amusing. Can I make my own assumption that it is their trademark to start every song with sketches? I�m now enjoying a funny song�Bau Bau Bau which means, erm bau� as in bau wangi. It tells a story about a girl with a dreadful BO that sent me into non-stop giggles. Unfortunately, I couldn�t come out with the lyric to enclose.

I hope the pain will subside by Thursday. As for the lump, I can feel it shrinking. No longer sense the sore throat (except the surviving once-in-a-blue-moon coughs) but there is still a chance for me to catch a cold. Ergh� that�s the last thing I want to have.

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