mardi, décembre 16, 2003

Listening to: Everybody�s Fool

Thoughts�thoughts and more thoughts.

There are times when I actually wonder if I�m being a bully to people around me. Not that I beat them up or make them do chores for me. Just that sometimes I sense that I might do it without realization. Nope, haven�t heard a single complaint from others except from mom about a particular thing to a particular someone. Herm, betul ke? Ade ke? But so far, I hear no criticism from that person. So, I make a point of asking people close to me about it once a while, ya know, just to check out if I�m still doing okay.

Well, no negative responses so far. Good�. But why don�t I feel satisfy about it? They could be lying, right? Only if I have a polygraph with me���� naww� *mind my silly thoughts*

I don�t mind people telling me what I�ve done wrong. Sure it will piss me off a little but at least I am alerted not to repeat them in the future.

So peeps, please don�t hesitate to do so� when necessary. Lebih baik bagitau direct dari kutuk kutuk kan? Kan? Kan? :)

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