jeudi, décembre 18, 2003

Hari Gosip Sedunia FSKTM.UM

Tempat: Caf� FSKTM.UM
Masa: Lepas kelas Teknologi Rangkaian Lanjutan
Ahli Panel: Cik Ismiza Jalil dan Encik Alif Fazli Jamaluddin

So, one of us mentioned about last night�s Imbasan Juara Lagu. The topic stretched to the thing about Anuar Zain and his gossip with Dayang and Ning when Is wondered if he �isap� weed. Alif interrupted right away that he doesn�t �isap� any drug; he only isap THAT thing (you all know what he meant!!) Hahahaha! SANGAT JAHAT!!! This is when the question about his sexuality arises. Is he a gay? Wallahualam� Then we moved on with Siti and her affair with kerabat Kelantan. Owh, really?!! This is something which I don�t know about! That�s probably one of the reasons why she�s close to Misha Omar; which is another thing that I�m not aware of. (you see, I stop getting updates about the local scene the day my free supply of URTV and Mangga stopped.). So, Siti went to a club while she was in UK and ignored calls from her� what should I say, overprotective brother? Big deal! She�s 23 for god sake! Let her experience stuff she can�t do back in Malaysia! That girl needs to see the WORLD la abang� Takpe Siti, I�m right behind you! Ahaks! ]:)

Basically, I had nothing to object nor to agree. It�s simply because everything I know was outdated! Tak penting lah.

Maybe Elida is having an affair with Ag. Zaidi. (issit Abang or Awang?) Couldn�t care less! I just like to look at his �innocent� face. No further emotion involves. And besides, he�s short, lives in Sarawak (too far!!!) and not my type. He�s just another object for my take-5 session. ;)

Question of the day: Is Yamani still single? (courtesy of Is during VHDL:)

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