lundi, septembre 01, 2003

stacy orrico again... been listening to this song since aug 25. will i ever get tired of this? not this time for sure. still enjoy singing this song.

went to a kenduri kahwin this afternoon at n9. had a great time. mainly because i got the chance to meet most of our closest relatives of my mom's side. i couldnt help myself but to zoom straight to the food upon arrival. erm, of course la after salam salam with every uncles and aunts i bumped into. didnt take my morning meal as they had rice for breakfast! r.i.c.e! not that nasik lemak im talking about here!! its nasik buryani! so what did i have for breakfast then? a cup of tea. and besides, i cant take heavy meals before going on board or else, i'd end up getting car-sick. *puke* well of course it depends on the car fragrance. i cant stand the smell of lemon! seriously... ill turn green...

the kenduri included a deejay with his singers and all. best of all, they also offered the guests for karaoke sessions! and like usual, my sister grabbed the chance and she actually sang 2 songs! both were duets with our very own uncle and the next one was with an unknown boy who is somewhere in primary school. sora pon tak pecah lagik! lagu sandarkan pada kenangan! warghahahahahhhaha! oh well, all of em did get a loud cheers from others. ;) tu baru adik...tak denga lagi kakak dia ni balun! :P

the theme was purple and yep, i put on my purple kebaya. well thats not the only reason. its actually because of the fact that that kebaya doesnt require any ironing. and besides, not in the mood to merajinkan diri untuk mengiron. overall, the reception was not a bad one. simple yet nice. i give full marks on the bed sheet used. its not the typical kaler-striking-kain-licin-renda-renda type. yuck! its just a simple white cotton with simple printed decorations. just what i want during 'my time'. simple but stylish with minimal budget. cheeewah! dah plan! oh well, no harm done pun....

kAy's idea of kawen:

1) as stated above...SIMPLE YET STYLISH.
2) no 3 or 4 level of wedding cakes. 1 or 2 is just enough.
3) hopefully no suap- suap part. cam poyo jerk. kalo makcik2 tuh suruh jugak buat, ill ask the makcik to suap my husband then.
4) the food must be tasty. unlike some yang masak buat syarat jerk. and like Ida always says, "air mesti cukup rasa. tanak tawar, harapkan kaler jerk lebih"
5) i prefer using rounded tables instead of the normal square ones. and each table will have a small decoration of fresh flower, carnations or chrysanthemums perhaps?
6) will use more fresh flowers than the artificial ones. i am willing to cough out some of my cash for that.

herm...what else...thats all for now i guess. hehehe... jauh betul imaginasi. blaja pon belum habes lagi. :D tape...tape... plan awal2 senang... hick!

wanna comment on the Multimedia Super Cintun movie they played just now but ill just reserve it for the next post. its an interesting production indeed...

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