dimanche, août 31, 2003

i am bored, lazy, sleepy and feeling ridiculous at the same time. i've been having weird dreams since last week. i would wake up and frown, thinking about the absurd dreams that i've just had. macam macam la akuk ni...

my week was kinda hectic. had a replacement literature class at 6.30-8 pm apart from the original 8-9 am, 12-2 pm ones. lepak at 12 for dinner with anim and yayai. my monday schedule will be as mentioned till exam time... say... a month to go?

tuesday. went to another mini gathering at MV. supposed to be at the starbucks but when is complained of his empty stomach, all of us headed to mcd. last2 kat coffee bean jugak! nak kene sekeh tol budak tuh. same people minus wantak+gf, affa, syah+rita. 2 additional members whom i havent met yet-- ari and amil. and i was being the only gal in that group. i felt goooood ;) like a queen bee with her workers...only that i'd like to call them as my Gundiks...warghahaha.

wednesday. nothing much to do. pegi kelas, balik kelas.

thursday. dad fell down while he was in the bathroom. thank god nothing serious happened. only minor injuries but he's still having a hard time to bend his leg. mom had a day off after i informed her about dad. later, me and mom went to pick my sister up from school and we went to kajang. i had the material for my baju kurung for raya. senang. tak payah pikir lagi pasal baju. bought a blouse as well for 25 bucks. i just love it! it's white and it's like the one i saw at MNG. no fuss when it comes to ironing! ;) best of all, it's cheap!

friday. class like usual. mom had dinner at BSC that night and ive offered myself to pick her up. so i'd have the chance to catch dikir barat and acoustic in between that. surprize surprize! i left early, not because of the call from mom, just that the whole thing bored me. the crowd was like shit! so kampung! so typical! so shallow minded! so BONGOK! they made the show as if it's sumkinda 'festival seni cawangan kecil kampung pinang sebatang'...with all the insulting and remarks and boos and shouts... i was really ashamed of the situation. no offence but i hate the kelantanese! mulut masing2 cam cibai! baik laki2 and perempuan. kalo ade bazooka mase tuh...mmg habes bersepai otak masing2 akuk tembak!

saturday.lepak rumah.

the only song that i keep on playing at this moment is STUCK by STACIE ORRICO. i really like this song especially the melody. nice...;)

....i love u but i hate u, i cant stop thinkin' of u...its true... im stuck on u...

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