mardi, août 05, 2003

Tipah Malu Bang�Tipah MALUUUU!!!!

Sex at the stairway? PATHETIC! JUST PATHETIC! Last Saturday�s feature was enough to make me� what? Ashamed? NO! I WAS GROSSED OUT! For goodness sake! Can�t they just do it some other place instead of the staircase? Herm� perhaps that day was supposed to be the �standing position� turn based on the proforma in the Kamasutra syllabus. Herm� maybe� Damn! Hell with that! All I can say is that they were just being impatient! Thanks to you guys, now UM is being the talk of the town! Prepare to hear �Universiti Maksiat� soon. Teruk! Sangat teruk! At least pegi la kat tasik near Armcorp Mall tu!

Boy, it never occurred to me that the TV�s going to show the real motion picture! Thanks to Ida. Otherwise, I surely missed the once-in-a-lifetime exposure! It was like watching a porn show on Malaysian TV, which is IMPOSSIBLE, considering the fact that the censor board could even come up with the rule that �no kissing part is allowed on TV�. Heck! Anyways, pity to those who missed that thing as it revealed a part where the boy sucked the breast and another part when the �insertion� happened. ;) How did I figure out about the �insertion� despite of the covered position? Du-uh! The girl lifted her head in�erm� ecstasy. Eh kejap, come to think of it, it may not be because of ecstasy. Could be the position itself kan? Don�t you guys think so? Well, I�m still �na�ve� about this stuff so I can�t really tell about her exact emotion at that very moment. *grin sheepishly*

To tell you the truth, I am not flabbergasted about this morality issue as it�s common nowadays. Just think about this, a lovey dovey couple, sitting at an isolated place at past midnight where other residents are fast asleep�like in this case, the stairway of a what? 12-storeyed condo? And just what do you expect them to do? ONLY chatting? Get lost!

Don�t get me wrong. I am being open to this matter. The only thing is just because of the fact that that couple wasn�t being �professional�. C�mon la, alang- alang dah buat, buat la yang hardcore terus! Now you know what I meant by unprofessional� A friend of mine who had watched this �movie� told me about the final part when those two eventually realized that they were actually caught-on-camera. Boy I laughed like shit! I was being told that the boy cupped his face with both hands and actually geleng-geleng kepala as if he just realized that what he did was wrong. WARGHAHAHAHAH! Ade hati tuh nak kaver konon!! Oit mamat, satu pantun buat ko! Minah Arab pakai purdah�.DEY THAMBY!! CHEIT POOOOOOORAH!

Oh yeah, do I have an advice for you guys? Yeah!

PLEASE DON�T MAKE OUT AT THE STAIRCASE OF A PUBLIC CONDO! (unless it�s the one inside your own house la.)

Tolong la...Go find other better place. And besides, the movements that can be made are limited and energy consuming! (Standing= Higher point of gravity= Less stability= Efforts made to keep standing� You should put those mentioned under consideration guys�)

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