mardi, août 05, 2003

Home-Made Porn�again�

Got another pictures. And this time featured a couple, which they claimed to be some form 3 students. Only two pictures but enuff to make me puke (just an expression la� not that I REALLY puked) and it�s not because of the dick-sucking activity the girl did (duh!). It disgusts me when they actually thought about taking their pictures while playing. What for? Future reference? Didn�t it even occur to them about the consequences of the pics being published or distributed through e-mails by their own friend who took the pics and at the same time owns the digicam? Stupid dumbos�very stupid� TAK PRO LANGSUNG!

Another advice (again) for any of you guys who think of recording your activities�USE CAMERAS WITH REMOTE CONTROLLER like the MAS steward did, unlike the dim-witted Wan Nor Azlin who asked OTHER PEOPLE to burn their movie on cd�BODOSH! Pi refer balik lagu CINTA IT yang depa slalu melalak kat TV1 tuh. Dr. Mahathir pon suruh sume jadik computer literate kan? kan? kan?

�..guna IT� suka IT�.cinta IT�.IT terkini�.

So, the morals of the story are:

1: technologies are to be used, not for display! Just why do you think they created remote controllers?

2: like a poster in Mulder�s office�TRUST NO ONE�

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