lundi, août 04, 2003

wow, for the first time ever i dont really lookin forward to starting the class. really... i couldnt believe myself that i actually sigh whenever the thought of monday appears. i hate this!

whats with my weekend? on saturday... went to nanny's house to pack her stuffs (AGAIN!). it takes us forever to get everything inside the boxes. just imagine the things from a bungalow. talking about tonnes! please remind me not to get a bungalow...

we had a makan-makan at nite as my lil sister invited a few of her friends over to so-called celebrate her birthday. not a big party. only three kids present. (aaaah..thank god!). so how about the rest of the night? watched akademi fantasia (a must-not-miss episode as that was the final show before the grand finale). finished with AF, then off to tv3 for the weekly drama.

sunday? had an early rise-and-shine. 10.30 am! was hoping for a no-guest day but well, my relatives from seremban came this afternoon. nak menjemput... a cousin of mine is gettin married on the merdeka day... naa..still a long way to go. lambat lagi... head is spinning and putih is taking most of the space on my computer desk and that leaves me with a restricted area to use. oh yeah..congratulations to him for getting the second injury in the period of 2 weeks. its like one injury per week... isk budak ni...

oh almost forgotten about an sms i got from... roll the drum please..... ZALEE! yep! the same guy whom i mentioned a coupla posts back. he remember about my coming birthday! like surprize! surprize! why this year and not the previous ones? yuck! i gonna be expecting another parcel? lets dont go there...ouch! susah betul dealing with orang yang tak paham dan saja-saja buat tak paham bahase nih...*sigh*

hows my new layout? better than the previous 'immature' looking one? ;) to tell the truth, i LOVE this new makeover! just another minor touch-ups and its done. hope the contents are too. ;)

now putih is getting restless. looks like hes givin me signals to get my ass off the computer... -ded-

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