mardi, juillet 08, 2003

What a start! Traffic jam at the junction near my area? You've gotta be kidding me! Oh great! A trailer got stuck and that's the main cause. Mom told me earlier about it and I've decided to get ready before 7.30 for I'm afraid to arrive late for C++ at 9. I really hate to be late for classes... Dad used my car and he's nowhere to be seen. Great! Just what I want! It's already 7.45 and I began to lose my patience. I was even planning to sms Alif, informing him about the possibility of me not attending the class.

Managed to arrive safely on time... in one piece-- 3 mins before 9. Bless the roads. All I had in mind was that today's gonna be yet another rotten day like yesterdays, with C++ 3 hours in a row-- restless, nervous and afraid of being called out front to construct a complete program in front of the others, pop quiz, bla bla bla.

OMG! She brought along some papers! Please God, no quiz for now please...

Owh! Results from previous quizzes plus the pop quiz. I just can't believe myself! My marks are good! UnSANGKERable! Best of all, I scored 4 out of 5 for the pop quiz! Kene buat kenduri kesyukuran 7 hari 7 malam ni! Woo heeew! I am sooo very proud of myself. Damn proud. Praises to Kay. Yay! And for that, I awarded myself with sandwiches and a jumbo watermelon juice from Oliver's. ;)

Not just yet! Have a 'mid sem' on Wednesday and need to revise. Am going to the library and only be back at 4. The house is still messy and besides, they're gonna paint my room. I'm gonna suffocate...*ark*

Guess that today won't turn out to be like I thought it's gonna be. Brilliant. Not only because of C++. I'm also satisfied with the fact that somebody has paid for the damages done. And today, I FEEL GOOD, talking about REAL GOOD...*muacks*

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