jeudi, juillet 10, 2003

Disappointment: Not being able to get a ticket to the Bolehwood

Something to celebrate: The house-- Another 5% to go.


Am trying to keep my eyes wide open. Well, not that wide but still wide enuff to avoid me from dozing off in front of the monitor.

No skewling tomorrow, YAY~

Have Sham on the other side. Sempat buat Milo and makan nasik+sardin. Cheh~

The test sucked. The question was misleading. Before that, I'm blaming the question not because of the fact that I didn't manage to complete everything on time; it's the question itself! The way she put it was puzzling. Eh, macam mana nak sort CHARACTER? There won't be any problem if the argument was in integer. CHAR? How laar??? Heh~

I like this song from Anuar Zain- Mungkin and I'm telling you now that I really really really like it. A nice song with a combination of a so-called gospel choir. Reminds me of Ferhad's Higher Deeper...

Sham has shifted to the ZZzzz Zone and I'm almost done with this. No one around to chat with, 'cept Naura. Tapi..............

*oit Naura! Malas nak chat ngan ko arrh...teeeeneeeeet jek manjang...akuk disisihkan...sob..sob..sob...snnooort*

Captain kAy reporting...authorized...access granted.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..*

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