mardi, juillet 15, 2003

the renovation is finally over after a month of lung- torturing experience. do i feel satisfy with everything? answer is: NO. why? coz i am so very tak puas hati with the way they paint the whole house. talking about a very unprofessional workmanship! I COULD DO BETTER THAN THAT tau! so, better dont ask me about it or youll be listening to my complaints the whole day.

my night was spent arranging the books back to their respective shelves. geez, didnt xpect that theyre gonna be this BELAMBAK! with pikes, rl stein, kings and a few others, jus enuff to occupy 3/4 of the shelves. not forgetting all the facts-at-your-fingertip typo.
*wheee, saw auzani for the first time after his honeymoon period. heh! finally that playa boya is married! herm, i wonder if the making-out rumour is true...*

supposed to have karate session this evening but unfortunately i have sum other things to do....apart from pickin up my sister..darn..


during c++....

eventually, my nightmare came true.


suddenly i heard my name being called out. okay, its my turn to answer the question given earlier on. brownie point for me tho as iv already constructed the main functions.

so there i was, walking to the whiteboard...

"Kamu betulkan saja"

owh, i only need to check for errors. nasib...

inside *kalau puan nak suruh saya construct satu program pun saya boley puan...*

cheh..akuk yg riak...

sumhow im proud of myself...

*tanak tulis byk2 sbb wanie ade sebelah*

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