jeudi, juillet 17, 2003


JAMS JAMS JAMS AND MORE TRAFFIC JAMS. the traffic in malaysia is very sensitive to EVERYTHING. talking about VERY! first and foremost-- accident. it is acceptable if the accident involves a tanker or anything major that evaporates lives. but in malaysia, you can still have a long, slow-moving cars even if it is only because of 2 individuals, arguing or negotiating at the emergency lane about some scratches caused by one of them. those type of incidents don't really engage in any lane obstruction. the main blame is to the other UNINVOLVED drivers. they seem to find it entertaining to watch the whole incident and that action actually results in the massive jam.

you see, this is what actually happens; 2 people talking at the emergency lane, trying to solve everything as soon as possible and to get it done and over with. others that don't have anything to do with it, are very eager to find out about the level of the damage being done as well as the condition of the car and at the same time watching those 2 people, because if you're lucky enough, you could actually catch a 'drama' of A blaming B. so, in order to watch the whole drama, you need to slow your car and when everybody is being 'kepoh', the rate of moving cars decreases. this will then affect the movement of other tailing cars! and once malaysian, will always be malaysian... despite of the plead by the traffic info senders of not to slow down, we still have the itch to be, like i mentioned before, KEPOH. end of cause one.

another thing to blame. errr, i'll be damned by god if i blame this as the causes. it's actually more into the structure and the road plan. yep, it's the rain.told ya that i'll be highly damned if i blame it on the rain...!! isk isk isk!

take today for instance. i get caught in a quarter-massive traffic jam and i had another 30 minutes before my 9 am class started. i should be at the bangsar- brickfield traffic light by then, instead, i was still stuck at the road near tai thung chinese school. talking about 20-minutes delay from the actual time! okay, okay, i know that thou shalt not speed on the wet road and i know that that was what others were doing. afterall, speed kills and will likely to get you killed without sweat if you lose control on the wet road as the result of the deteriorating tire grip.

what about flood? now that's another issue which i don't want to touch. last flood turned the actor's studio box and theater at plaza putra from a theater stage to a muddy pool and i'm not sure when will it totally recover from the 'trauma'.

whatever it is, not many turned out for the 9 am class and the lecturer herself was late by 20 minutes. as for me, i managed to arrive on time despite of 2 dreadful jams i had to face. ;)

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