dimanche, juillet 20, 2003

just finished watchin a drama which successfully made me shed sum tears. argh! akuk menangis! thank god that nobody was with me as it'd be damn hard to struggle in order NOT to cry over a sad drama. hey! it was really sad okay!

i eventually managed to keep myself glued in front of the tv to have my very first glimpse of Akademi Fantasia to discover how the whole system works. okay.. now i know about all the crying and all. wanna know my comment about them? THEY ARE POYO! i mean, REAL POYO. talking about being so damn emotional. it's not that that fella will die after being cast out. you can always meet when the program is finally ends rite? geez, and everybody inside the auditorium too was being influenced by the raging emotion on the stage. you could see almost everyone took out their kleenex. no wonder... but the truth is, i was also shocked with the result. i was expecting the girl that sang 'hapuslah airmatamu' to go as her performance was not up to my standard. wanna know about my theory? those who watch the episode from day one will surely be all well aware of a relationship that has developed inside the group. and tell ya, that guy is a cutie. and i think, todays' votes might have something to do with both of them. maybe the 'jealous' fans of him out there wanted to separate them. ye la, kes 'meluat' and jeles sebab that girl was still inside the academy with him. heh... what say you? is my assumption accepetable and logic? it's not that her voice is like a donkey but when you ask ordinary people to cast the votes, this is what you will face-- INJUSTICE. whatever it is, peoples' word of mouth about Vince is true. he's good...really good...

we had our very first guests to see our house's new look... and not forgetting the first to use the bathroom... FULLY. it happened that the doorman came and fix the door right before they arrived. ;) the floor is still a lil bit dusty as the result of the grinding work. apart from that, things are just perfect.

went to telawi last friday to settle the monthly payment of the car. parked by the roadside near oliver's and had to walk all the way to the other side of the area just to drop a cheque. Just imagine wearing a BLACK TURTLENECK under the blazing sun! despite that, i managed to get myself a blouse from 'the grey' and a pant from 'blook'. shee hee heee. apart from going to the bank, i also had another thing to do-- to buy tickets for a play which will be held from this coming friday till 31st July.

oh yeah, talking about play, dad told me that the city hall has banned any future productions of the Instant Cafe Theater company. why? just because of the Bolehwood Award- the Director's Cut. C'mon people, we're talking about theater here! the only 'underground' place where a bunch of art fellas can express themselves in the arty ways. ergh! everything started with a complaint to the newspaper from sumone who claimed that that play was 'vulgar' and inappropriate. maybe he/she was too sensitive to digest the whole thing i guess. chill out la dude! well, come to think of it, she mite be right. again, i can't cakap banyak about it as i didn't get the chance to go to that play.*sigh* kalau tak, i can give more of my opinion about the complaint; whether to agree with that fella or just to give her a nice BOO!

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