lundi, juillet 21, 2003

I skipped all SAD classes�the 8 am lecture and the 1 pm tutorial class. Yay! I feel good�

Had to pick up my sister from school at 2 and arrived 15 minutes earlier. Then I�ve decided to check out the neighboring shop houses and look for a pharmacy when I came across a hand phone kiosk. Didn�t plan to browse the place but I suddenly saw myself walking backward and stopped right in front of it. Oh well, I then scanned for the color I wanted and there! one color caught my attention�light metallic purple. Asked for it but too bad as my existing button couldn�t seem to fit its place�herm, then again, what do you expect from an 8 bucks housing?? *Scan scan scan*�aah, another purple but 5 times darker than the previous one� also metallic. Nice color as well... Viola! Fit perfectly! And for just one bargain, the housing was eventually mine for 8 bucks. That�s what the price is supposed to be anyways. I�d bargain for more if she only decreased the price by 1 ringgit from 10.50 as the light purple only cost you 8 bucks.

Damn I hate this IntelliMouse. The button at the left side of it made my 800++ words of post vanished just like that!! Bloody hell disappeared! Now I�m going to rewrite it using Word and have to be in the correct spelling as the red and green crooked lines are annoying� and I don�t want to turn off the spell check. ;)

Read Nuance yesterday and the front page caught my attention. A topic that always fascinates me�Mysticism. The article was actually about a traditional medical practitioner or to be exact, bomoh. The nickname given to him is kinda funny�Bomoh Fotostat. Well, of course the name came from one of his main capabilities which is... generating �carbon copy� images from blank papers. Kewl isn�t it? The reporter did publish evidence on that.

You see, the way he conducts the �ceremony� is simple. All he needs are a glass bowl of water and a few pieces of passport-sized of paper. He then places the papers inside the bowl and covers it with a piece of black cloth. The particular fella is then being asked to pose the question he wants to know about like, �Is my wife seeing someone now?� in his heart while the bomoh recites a prayer. Just 3 minutes and you will see and image appears on that very blank paper! Get Nuance and you can see the image generated inside the bowl. Exactly like the Xerox copy!

The other case featured was about santau. The picture of the result was yucky. It showed a clump of thickened blood mixed with some needles and thread. Those stuffs were the things that actually came out from the santau victim. Once you�re being targeted, chances of escaping are slim, unless you have �pendinding� or shield, which most of us don�t own or even think of having it. Apart from those items used, the black magic bomoh can find other �dirty�, harmful things such as fine, crushed glass, caterpillars and �miang bambu� for the mixture. Those spelled items are then being planted in the victim�s house compound as part of the rules and as well as in order to hide it from being found. It can also be sent through the wind. Tell ya, this is one of the most dangerous curses amongst the other dark magic. It also has the similarity to voodoo. Sheez� spookie. Talking about voodoo reminded me of an episode of the X-Files where a vadun priestess blinded Scully.

Some would believe all those supernatural and beyond-our-logical-explanation stuffs and some may say that all these matters are ridiculous and don�t make sense at all. (as they think that EVERYTHING that is proven by using the law of science is valid� duh!) I like to know and listen to stories about such and agree that they do exist amongst our community as God even says that there are other creatures apart from humans created. It�s just that I don�t think that I want to have ANY personal experience or encounter to any of those non-human thingy. No thank you!

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