lundi, juillet 07, 2003

::..Sunday, July 06 2003..::

Recovered from colic tho it's not 100%. Proceeded with my plan for Sunday. Went to UPM to meet Nor. We then headed to Dataran Putra in Putrajaya for coffee as she's sick of Serdang. To be exact, I am too.

"Kay, jom la pegi tempat lain. Aku dah muak la asik Serdang jerk."

"Cheh. Ye la. To be frank aku pon memang dah muak kat Serdang tuh. Mane nak pegi aa? Putrajaya ada tempat makan tak?"

"Ada, ada... meh aku tunjuk ko jalan."


So, this is the Dataran Putra. I've never been here before tho it's just a stone's throw from Balakong. The first thing I saw was the banner of a factory "end season" outlet. Best of all, they have Morgan, Adidas, Renoma and Guess to name a few! Both of us were all excited and off we go! Mystery holds a sale up to 70%! Both of us grabbed the same clothes that cost RM13.50 after the discount. Went to Adidas shop but left bare handed as the tees are all dull. Overall, the window shopping session was brilliant. ;)

Headed to San Francisco Coffee. I shouldn't have chosen that spot. Oh well, it was the perfect one before a coupla morons appeared and pick the table opposite me. Some maggots. What? Gotta problem? Haven't they seen girls talking before? And talking about 2 poyo assholes! They were like listening to our conversation and laughed like some lunatics when we did. At that moment, all I had in mind was to give them the middle-finger sign. I don't give a shit if they come to our table and pick a fight with me. Like "Ooooh....I'm afraid....". Instead, I just carried on talking to Nor because it's pointless to pick a fight with them. Lain la kalau hensem, but then, one of the maggots looks very familiar. Must be someone from my primary school. Saw Nadiah as well but I don't think she remembers me. Again, didn't give a shit. Had better thing to concentrate on.


Really had a great time and we've decided to do it again some other time. But this time, I'll try to make it a lil bit earlier as 2 1/2 hours aren't just enuff! Heh... girls...;)

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