samedi, juillet 05, 2003

My stomach isn't at its best. Does that have anything to do with the lauk I had for lunch? Basically, me and my sister ate the same stuff except for the kuah masak asam. The diff is, dia tak saket prot whereas I'm struggling to sit straight. MUNTAH LA WEI!!! MUNTAH LA!!! LET'S GET OVER IT!!! I am sick of burping and the sensation of wanting to puke. Another case of food poisoning? It seems that my stomach is not at the tip-top condition along this whole week. My case will always be cirit birit and when that happens, I will have the necessary pills standby beside me. But in this case? I don't shit and I don't vomit. It's like the thing inside is playing perang- perang in the middle of a tornedo. Ya know, the gas inside it and stuff. Macam keeps on developing one after another. Lepas satu kene release, satu lagi plak ade. I just wish that I puke now. Really wish. Biar sume junks yang dah terperap basi kat dalam perot ni kluar suma. Come to think of it, I'm kinda afraid each time I throw up. You see, I have this phobia that I might stop breathing after throwing up. Camne nak cakap aa? Perasan tak each time kita puke, kita akan stop breathing for a mo coz the pressure it puts to the diaphragm. That's what I meant. In this case, I just don't give a shit about this phobia thingy as I just want to get rid of everything. If this thing gets worse, the doc will be rich by 20 bucks. Asked mom to urut and boy that's relieving....only for a short while je la.

I've swallowed Activated Charcoal for the angin and for the invaded bacteria? Just wait and see how far they're capable of turning me to the worst.


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