dimanche, juin 29, 2003

Konsert Sure Heboh� heh�it�s HEBOH indeed�*huh*

Everybody was heading to Bukit Jalil for they didn�t want to miss the not-to-be-missed free concert that was organized by TV3 and sponsored by TM Net. No wonder the aired Phua Chu Kang an hour earlier. Didn�t give a shit tho. Since they stopped showing Gilmore Girls, I don�t have something to look forward to. Well, now I�m putting Futurama in my to-watch list. Oh, I�ve almost forgotten. My 10.30 pm slot was unoccupied today due to this Heboh thingy.

So I decided to give it a shot. Who knows that maybe luck would accompany me and I might catch Misha Omar with Bunga- bunga Cinta or perhaps Sarah with her Jamal-duet number.

Nora was beginning to sing her Hanyalah Satu when I settled my butt on the sofa. Her starting part was a little bit off-tune but she did amazingly towards the middle and finally the end. Then it was Exist turn and they had Hani Lempengnya Hangus and Kerana Percayakan Siti. I have no comment on that except for the drum. I can�t really explain it but I think it has something to do with the surface. Whatever lah�

Huh? TV3 personalities on the mikes? Errr� okay. I�d try to stick around tho I had bad feelings about this. Hitam Putih Kehidupan was the chosen song. There was like 2 guys and 5 girls on the stage. Maybe they were trying hard to impress the listeners till they went beyond their voice limit. Zakiah Anas did just fine. She has the voice. Raja Azura was capable of controlling her tone of voice as well. I was glad hers wasn�t like Eeyore. And one of the guys, whom I didn�t recognize, was okay too. Okay, this is the worst part. I�m not sure about this fella�s name but she appeared as one of the she-commentators during World Cup� The one with glasses� I think she was trying her best to be cool and make people think that she can be another Sarah with the voice �lenggok�. Okay, her hair was stylish but like I said, she�s just trying too hard to impress. Okay la, just bagi can la skejap� heh!

Despite that, I kept telling myself that what I want to hear would be next. So, I stick for the next performance.

Then they moved to Siti. She was pretty and cute tonight, no doubt! I�m not a fan of hers but as a neutral critic, I give kutukan and pujian to those whom I personally think deserves them. And Siti deserved a pujian from me. See! No bias here!!

It�s Ezlyn�s turn after that. A Jap song. Herm, okay, lain dari lain. Then she continued with her famous Hi Hi Bye Bye. Hancur! Terribly hancur! OKAY! That�s my limit! Better for me to leave. Besides, I need to do my programming. (You�ll be seeing this word till my semester ends� and that will be� say, till October? ). Here I am. Typing for the next post while listening to Classic Disney songs. The Jungle Book song-- The Bare Necessities that they air on TV reminds me of this album that I own� �Before the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worry and your stress��

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