vendredi, février 29, 2008

When It's Really The Time To Let Go...

Today will be the day where I will officially tender my resignation from The Company. R has had her session this morning after I chickened out the last minute (haha! no lah. I just had my breakfast and the sugar rush has yet to kick in.). I am going to do it after lunch, before he leaves home.

Resigning is too alien to me considering that this is my very first job. I had to refer to samples online, which I found very straightforward. That is one thing about the mat salleh. They prefer to keep things simple and direct whereas our interpretation of so-called good letters/documents equals to a compilation of pages with thousands and thousands of words.

I have started to spring clean my PC, throwing away the old mp3s and rearranging the documents for easy reference by my manager once I'm gone. I've yet to transfer my personal files. Nothing much to save 'cept the pictures.

But better triple check so as not to leave any trace of personal and juicy informations around.


I have started my first team teach last week. Unfortunately, I won't be doing any this week. So many things to think about which leaves me with an exhausted mind and little space for Jam matters. The good news is, I actually have more than 3 months to get myself cleared.

Thank you God!

The rest of the batch have started to do replacements and one of them managed to secure a class of her own. Good for her.


Regarding the new job I'm taking, I will not reveal much about it for now as I am not officially the staff yet.


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