mardi, mars 13, 2007

Sampai Kapan...?

Menantikanmu dalam jiwaku,
Sabarku menunggu,
Berharap sendiri...

It hurts when you have to part with someone you dear so much. But it hurts more after knowing the fact you've found someone that you consider as The Right One and yet s/he out of reach and probably will be forever...

Pantaskah diriku ini mengharapkan,
Suatu yang lebih dari hanya sekedar perhatian,
Dari dirimu yang kau anggap biasa saja...

The last time I invested emotionally on someone was 3 years ago. I recovered faster than the fastest bullet train. However, the last experience didn't put me into where I am today : a dedicated resident of Singleville. I chose to remain unattached for I feel it's best to do some self-analysis on myself rather than spending the time trying to understand other people. By not doing so, you're not only being unfair to you own self but to the other party as well.

Aku mencoba,
Merindukan bayangmu,
Karena hanyalahbayangmu yang ada,
Hangat mentari dan terangnya rembulan,
Mengiringi hari-hariku yang tetap tanpa kehadiranmu...

And now, I am back in the league but the only difference is I am not yet in the game.

Too late...

Oo sayang,
Dapatkah aku memanggilmu sayang,
Sampai kapan,
Aku pun tak sanggup pastikan,
Kudapat memendam seluruh rasa ini...

I have put all my heart to the game though there's a big question mark whether the game will be played or not.

Akupun tak sanggup tuk pastikan,
Kudapat memendam seluruh rasa ini...

(all excerpts are taken from Sampai Kapan- Maliq & Camelia from 1st Maliq and d'essentials)

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