mardi, septembre 19, 2006

It Is A Jagged Edge!

You need a sand paper to smoothen it.

But that is when we're talking about a touchable surface. How about the one we always address as 'literally'?

Somehow, this is a bit complex when it involves the level of mind activities vs time. Complexity shouldn't arise at this hour.

To wait for the exact moment of escapism is a subject of uncertainty. So, I am trying to give myself a comforting pat at the back by constantly telling The Heart that I am actually on my way to the so-called escapism. Going out of town is considered as one. At least, the time will be spent mostly inside the hotel room with the baggy PJ and a stripy cute pair of socks- the possession I always bring along if the trip involves the word HOTEL.

By the end of the year, I can consider myself as presenter serba boleh; giving talks to the youngest of age to the senior citizens.


There's nothing that you should be worry about. The state of mind is still at the OK level (in other word it spells S-A-N-E).

Err... do you understand what I am trying to convey at the first place?

It's okay because I don't think I do either.

On a lighter note, I need a good distraction. Oh, nasib baik puasa dah dekat. Boleh lakukan proses penyucian jiwa dan hati dan menghapus dosa. For all you know, perhaps I will not need a REAL escapism (refer to previous entry) to calm the mind.

Do you want to know what I really want at this moment?

A good 15 minutes of heat torture in the sauna room followed by a cold shower...

Oh, have I told you that I am planning to become a part-time BodyJam instructor?

Hell yeah!

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